A glowing review from a London visitor…

jamaica nightHi Chef Neufville,

Just to let you know I love Jamaican food soo much but have never come across any restaurant/takeaway that I could shout about & compare to yours your!! I highly recommend your restaurant/takeaway to any folks living in this planet!! Yes its that good that its left a lifetime of good taste in my mouth!! Even your drinks are out of this world in my book!! Altho my son felt the Lemonade was a bit too sweet (don’t know how when he puts 3 sachets of sugar in his Hot Chocolate which is already sickly sweet).
I would only hope that you would expand to Rice and Things London and no doubt it would be a great success!!
Chef, you should be proud!! Keep up the good work my friend!!

One love, One People, Bless
Grace Fuller (chinese lady with 2 Brethren friends)
P.S. I still have the Jerk Seasoning you kindly gave us on our first visit..
I wish you all the success in every areas of your life.


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