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Branatic Neufville’s aim to give Bristol a true taste of Jamaica was realised earlier this year when he opened Rice and Things on Cheltenham Road. Once a takeaway establishment, this new restaurant now brings together people from all over the city, encouraging them to celebrate all things Jamaican, from authentic Caribbean food to personal service and a laid-back atmosphere.

Branatic – who prefers to be known simply as ‘Chef’ – has been cooking since the age of ten, and many of the dishes on the menu employ traditional techniques he learnt from his grandmother growing up in Jamaica. Authentic dishes like saltfish, ackee, curry goat and oxtail stew structure the menu. For customers wanting a quick bite to eat, Chef prepares curries on a daily basis that can be served up in minutes to takeaway, as well as for those dining in the restaurant. Alternatively, there’s an à la carte menu with a generous selection of dishes; why not try ‘Lionel Town’ curried chicken or ‘Fish de Rice and Things’, both made from scratch. Both dishes are served with traditionally made Jamaican rice and peas, and are bursting with colour and exotic flavours. Side dishes like fried plantain and dumplings provide the perfect Caribbean accompaniment.

To finish things off, Chef can tempt you with homemade pineapple upside-down cake or rich Jamaican fruit cake. And, if you don’t have room for dessert, there’s a range of authentic Jamaican drinks on offer, from ‘real Jamaican chocolate’ to natural fever grass and sour sap juice.

So hurry along to Cheltenham Road, kick back and enjoy a real Jamaican experience – it’s one you’ll want to repeat again and again.

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