Standard Menu

Available from 5pm daily
All day Sunday and Bank Holidays
Please check with waiting staff for availability

Country Ladies Soup of the Day

Mitchell Town Curry Goat (S)(H)
Westmorland Stew Oxtail and Beans (S)
Belfield Stew Beef
Perry Town Peppered Steak

Jamaican Capital Ackee & Saltfish
Manchester Veggie Chunks (V)
Chef Special Ital Stew(V)
Little Ochi Brown Stew Fish (S)

Spring Village Fried Chicken
Lionel Town Curried Chicken (S)(H)
Faith’s Pen Jerk Chicken (S)(H)
Walkers Wood Brown Stew Chicken
Baston’s Baked Chicken

all served with

Rice & Peas, White Rice or Boiled Food
a Crispy Salad or Hot Steamed Vegetables

Child £8.00

*All meals served with a complimentary soup starter*
All fish dishes cooked to order prices start at £17.00
Soup £5.00

Fried Dumpling/Festival 70p each
Ripe Plantain Slices (3) £1.50



Sliced Jamaican FruitCake & RumCream £5.00
Ripe Banana Fritters (S)(V) £3.00
Fruitful Vale Fresh Fruit Salad(V) £4.00
Ice-cream £3.50
Annatto Bay Ripe Banana Split £4.50
Selection of Cupcakes(S) £2.00
Sweet Potato Pudding £5.00




Coffee (Blue Mountain Peak) £2.50
Sour Sap LeafTea (S) £2.00
Cerese Tea £2.00
Fresh Ginger Tea £2.00
Natural Fever Grass £2.00
Mint Tea £2.00
English Breakfast Tea £1.00


N=Contains Nuts
V =Suitable for Vegan
H=Hot or Spicy
S= Subject to Availability