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Stop the Violence - Rice and Things community meetingStop the Violence - Rice and Things community meetingSTOP THE VIOLENCE


Reflecting on the events of recent days, weeks and months, the timely nature of our coming together in mind and heart now has an imperative like never before. The time for thinking is now, the time for something different is now, the time for us to act in the power of a collective voice is now.

Firstly we want to say thank you to all who came to the meeting, which has already moved us from a place of inertia to one of a strong intent to regain the grasp on our community, families and homes. This was a conversation that needed to start. We are encouraged by it, and feel privileged that we are a part of it. Thank you for your time, your honesty….it is pain that has brought us to this place.  It is our collective strength that will take us out of it.

We discussed our frustration at the indifference displayed by many of our own, the lack of accountability for the problems, challenges with authority. We talked about the failure of agencies, parental discipline, the lack of avenues of opportunity for our young people. We stated our disappointment in church organisations to step forward, the lack of mentors and hidden role models.

Overall the feeling was one of frustration. The question was what next?
So, we will be holding a series of meetings to build our thinking toward resolution.

Details of the next meeting:

Monday 5th September,

Temple Back
Tower Hill Health Clinic),
Bristol BS1 6EU.

The meeting will focus on creating our top 10 issues that need progression as a priority.
As suggested in the last meeting EACH one BRING one (like minded people) to get this work started.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Chef and Barbara

if you would like to get involved in the meeting or for further information
please contact Chef on 0117 9244832 / 07890627749


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